SIA Bill 2011

Our Vision

A vibrant, competitive financial services sector that has sound regulatory practices and policies that promote confidence.

Our Purpose

To contribute to the growth and development of a financial services sector that is vibrant and competitive.

This section lists events, lectures, seminars, activities, conferences, and media appearances attend or hosted by Commission representatives. Please note that this section is voided of Investor Education activities.


April 17-21 IOSCO 36th Annual Conference 2011 (Cape Town, South Africa)
April 4-6 Exempted Investment Fund Administrators License
March 20-23 Bahamas Institute of Financial Services 19th World Conference (Paradise Island, Bahamas)
March 13-18 Toronto Securities Training Program (Toronto, Canada)
March 11 CFA Society of the Bahamas Monthly Speaker luncheon (Nassau, Bahamas)
February 9 Fifth (5) Annual Industry Briefing (Nassau, Bahamas)
January 21-23 BFSB Financial Services Retreat 2011 (Freeport, Grand Bahama)
January 13-14 CARTAC/ CGSR Workshop on Regional Takeover Code and Choice of Law Rules Workshop (Barbados)
January 13 Bahamas Business Outlook – 20th Annual (Nassau, Bahamas)


November 25-26 CARTAC/ CGSR 7th Annual CGSR Conference (Ocho Rios, Jamaica)
November 18 Improve Database Security, Risk Management and Government (Nassau, Bahamas)
November 17 The Chamber Institute- Understanding the Employment Act, 2001 (Nassau, Bahamas)
November 16-19 BICA Accountants Week of Seminars (Nassau, Bahamas)
November 16 Synergy Bahamas (Nassau, Bahamas)
November 1-5 USSEC Securities Enforcement and Market Oversight (Washington, DC)
November 1-10 USSEC/ IOSCO Securities Enforcement Program (Washington, DC)
October 19-22 COSRA/ IAARC Meeting OECD Roundtable (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
October 19-23 COSRA/ IARC OECE Conference and Roundtable (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
October 14-15 NYCO Managing as a HR Professional (Nassau, Bahamas)
September 29 Chamber of Commerce Management Creating a System that Works (Nassau, Bahamas)
July 9-10 Cari-fourm/ European Union Conference on Financial Services (Antigua and Barbuda)
July 6-7 TTSEC and CARTAC Working Group Meeting (Port of Spain, Trinidad)
May 31–June4 Toronto Securities Program (Toronto, Canada)
May 31–June 2 13 Annual OGCISS Meeting (Tortola, BVI)
May 26 Open Systems Technology Int’l Document Management (Nassau, Bahamas)
May 19 Lambkin and Co. Pre-Retirement Seminar (Nassau, Bahamas)
May 12 IBM Bahamas Enterprise Content Management (Nassau, Bahamas)
May 12 Higgs and Johnson’s “The Evolving Legal Landscape” (Nassau, Bahamas)
May 2-4 8th Annual Offshore Alert Financial Due Diligence Conference (Miami, Florida)
April 26-29 Brazil Investment Summit 2010 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
April 21-23 IAAP Bahamas Chapter Annual Luncheon and Seminar (Nassau, Bahamas)
April 16 Bahamas Human Resources Development Association (Nassau, Bahamas)
April 14 Chamber of Commerce HR Strategies Being Compliant with Employment Legislation (Nassau, Bahamas)
April 12-14 CIMA/ SEC Training Program (Cayman Islands)
April 7-9 COSRA/ IAARC Improving Supervision of Securities Markets (Washington, DC)
March 10-12 CARTAC/ USSEC/ T and TSEC Market Development Workshop (Trinidad)
March 3-5 CARTAC/ CCMF Workshop on Financial Stability (Kingston, Jamaica)
February 9 Fourth (4) Annual Industry Briefing
January 29-31 BFSB Financial Services Retreat 2010 (Bimini, Bahamas)
January 18-20 Jamaica Stock Exchange Conference (Kingston, Jamaica)
January 9-15 Learning Tree 506 Programming Scalable Web Applications with .Net (Bimini, Bahamas)


November 14-20 COSRA/ IARC Spring Session (Montevideo, Uruguay)
October 20-24 Caribbean Group of Securities Regulator (Trinidad)
October 14-15 The Chamber Institute- Understanding the Employment Act, 2001 (Nassau, Bahamas)
October 15 Bahamas Business Outlook (Exuma, Bahamas)
August 30 BIFS 33rd Annual Presentation of Awards Ceremony (Nassau, Bahamas)
July 29 Media Coverage and Meeting SIA/ SIR (Freeport, Bahamas)
July 22-25 CARTAC Takeovers Protocol Workshop and CARTAC Securities regulators Advisory Group (Barbados)
June 20-30 USSEC Regulation and Inspection of Investment Advisors (Washington DC)
June 24-27 Accents Corporation HR Training Workshop (New Orleans, LA)
June 18 USSEC Focus Group Session (Nassau, Bahamas)
June 12 GFSR Industry Forum (Freeport, Bahamas)
June 1-3 Offshore Group of Collective Investment Scheme Supervisors (Cayman)
May 18-19 CARTAC Observation of market Watch (Trinidad and Tobago)
May 19-21 BIFS Annual Week of Seminars 2009 (Nassau, Bahamas)
April 26-28 7th Annual Offshore Alert Financial Due Diligence Conference (Miami, Florida)
April 21-24 FSA/ Arrow Risk Based Regulation Residential Conference for Intl. Regulators (Oxon, England)
April 19-25 IAAP Administrative Professional’s Week (Nassau, Bahamas)
April 2-3 COSRA/ IARC Spring Session (Panama)
March 31- April 3 Learning Tree International (Toronto, Canada)
March 17-20 Learning Tree International Developing User requirements (Toronto, Canada)
March 2-3 IFIE Investor Education Delivering Successful Programs (Washington DC)
February 25-27 IOSCO/ OICU-SEBI Assessors Workshop (Mumbai, India)
February 16 Third (3) Annual Industry Briefing (Nassau, Bahamas)
January23-25 BIFS Retreat (Freeport, Bahamas)
January 15 Bahamas Business Outlook (Nassau, Bahamas)


December 1-5 Annual International Regulators Seminar (London, England)
December 2-4 IOSCO/ OICU SEBI Assessors Workshop Cancelled Terrorism (Mumbai, India)
December CCAA (31st) Annual Miami Conference on the Caribbean Basin (Miami, Florida)
December RBTT Merchant Bank Conference (Miami, Florida)
November 17-21 Plenary XXVIII Ministerial XV Meeting (St. Kitts)
November 13-14 Meeting of Americas’ SRO’s (Bobata, Colombia)
November 10-11 Caribbean Group of Securities Regulators (Barbados)
November 4-7 BFSB Annual Retreat (Abaco, Bahamas)
November 3-7 USSEC International Institute Market Enforcement (Washington)
October 22-24 COSRA/ IARC Meeting (Santiago, Chile)
October 20-24 International Symposium and Training Program (Chicago, IL)
October 20-23 ARMA Annual Conference (Las Vegas, NV)
October 7-10 IOSCO Emerging Markets Committee (Marrakesh, Morocco)
October 8 IOSCO Training Program 2008 (Madrid, Spain)
July 27-30 IAAP International Convention and Education Forum (New Orleans, LA)
July 22-25 Learning Tree International IT Programs (Los Angeles, CA)
July 15 - 18 Compliance Commission Seminar Onsite Examination (Nassau, Bahamas)
July 13-19 (19th) Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Conference and Exhibition (Boston, MA)
July 13-18 ACFE Annual Fraud Conference (Boston, MA)
July 11-16 Corporate Finance Training Program (San Francisco, CA)
June 22-25 SHRM Annual Conference (Chicago, IL)
June 15-21 Toronto Centre Securities market Annual Leadership Program (Toronto, Canada)
May 26-29 IOSCO Annual Meeting (Paris, France)
May 19-23 BIFS Week of Seminars (Nassau, Bahamas)
May 5-8 Plenary Meetings Cancelled Terrorism (Haiti)
July 11-16 Corporate Finance Training Program (San Francisco, CA)
June 22-25 SHRM Annual Conference (Chicago, IL)
May OGCISS (Panama City)
April 28-30 Alternative Investment Summit (Sao Paolo, Brazil)
April 21-25 Learning Tree International IT Programs (Atlanta, GA)
April 7-17 USSEC International Institute Market Development (Washington)
April Offshore Alert 5th Annual due Diligence Conference (FT Lauderdale, FL)
February 14 CCAA Regional Capital Markets Committee (Barbados)
January 28 Second (2nd) Annual Industry Briefing (Nassau, Bahamas)
January 18-20 Hedge Fund World Bahamas Conference (Nassau, Bahamas)
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