Investing - Securities Commission of The Bahamas

You invest every day. Every time you pick up a newspaper, you invest in staying informed.

When it comes to financial investing, you may feel like it’s a wise course to take, but you may be worried that you don’t know enough to start investing. You may feel like you don’t make enough money to be an investor. Maybe you feel shy about asking for professional advice, or you may be unsure about who you should ask. There are thousands of Bahamians just like you who have the same fears.

There are also many Bahamians who are investing and earning returns on those investments. Like you, they were not born knowing what to do. They learned by reading, listening and taking it one step at a time.
As you begin, bear in mind that results don’t happen overnight, but once you make the commitment you will be on your way to making your money work for you.