Market Places and Clearing Facilities - Securities Commission of The Bahamas


For the promulgated fees in effect, please refer to the Securities Industry (Fee) Rules, 2020

Category of Registration Application Fee Registration Fee Annual Renewal Fee
Marketplace $11,875.00 $16,875.00 $16,875.00
Clearing Facility $4,375.00 $12,500.00 $12,500.00
Ancillary Facility $2,500.00 $4,375.00 $5,625.00

Schedule of pro-rated annual fees
Please note that conversion charges will apply for fees remitted via wire transfer (USD).

Ongoing Reporting Obligations and Forms

Reporting Obligations - Ongoing Reporting Obligations for Constituents under the SIA, 2011

Initial Insider Report No later than the 5th day after the date of the event triggering the obligation to file a report with the Commission. Section 128
Regulation 136
Form 22, Schedule 2
Alerts and Notices