Project Butterfly - Securities Commission of The Bahamas

The Securities Commission of The Bahamas [the Commission] has set out on a digital transformation initiative dubbed “Project Butterfly”, that will ease business for constituents and improve both our operational efficiency and regulatory effectiveness.

The two-phase project takes a holistic approach to modernizing the Commission’s information management needs. Phase 1 commenced 27 May 2022.

Phase 1 Overview

  • Analysis, digitization, integration and management of over 100 business processes into a central repository with a view to streamline and improve each where appropriate and improve our constituents’ experience.
  • Implementation of a completely redesigned CoRI (Compliance and Regulatory Interface ) Filings Portal, enhanced with history and live submission tracking.
  • New SCB Intranet Portal for intradepartmental automation of workflows and task management.

Project Butterfly Team

Project Sponsor – Christina Rolle, Executive Director
Project Team

  • Alysia Archer-Colebrooke, Senior Manager – Administration
  • John Clarke, Manager – Information Technology
  • Sausana Abraham – Assistant Manager – Information Technology
  • LaDashia Johnson-Burrows, Assistant Manager – Office of The Executive Director
  • Magan Knowles, Manager – Supervision
  • Stewart Miller, Manager – Office of The Executive Director
  • Tammi Miller-Butler, Assistant Manager – Office of The Executive Director
  • Sherinn Munnings, Manager – Office of The Executive Director
  • Ashley Poitier, Manager – Supervision
  • Davina Williams, Senior Officer – Administration
Communication Lead – Stewart Miller
Chief Change Agent – Tammi Miller-Butler
Business Owners – Alysia Archer-Colebrooke, John Clarke
Digital Transformation Consultancy Firm – Amayztech

Amayztech is a global firm headquartered Wyoming, United States, with offices in Dubai, India, and Australia.