Pursuant to the Securities Industry Act, 2011, s. 13, for the purpose of the discharge of its functions the Commission has power, subject to the Act, to:

  • regulate and govern the capital markets and its participants.
  • deal with such matters as may be referred to it by any person from time to time.
  • authorize and regulate registrants, marketplaces, investment fund administrators and other market participants with a view to maintaining proper standards of conduct and professionalism in the capital markets.
  • monitor the solvency of regulated persons and take measures to protect the interests of clients and others where the solvency of any such person is in doubt.
  • regulate issuers offering their securities to the public, including public issuers and investment funds.
  • adopt measures to supervise and minimise any conflict of interests that may arise in the case of market participants.
  • regulate take-over bids.
  • take enforcement action against any person for failing to comply with securities laws.
  • recommend regulations to the Minister and formulate rules.
  • publish notices, guidelines, bulletins, and policies describing the views of the Commission regarding the interpretation, application, or enforcement of securities laws.
  • make any order which the Commission may make under securities laws; and.
  • do all things, and take all actions, which may be necessary or expedient or are incidental to the discharge of any function or power given to the Commission.