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Welcome to CoRI

This enhanced Compliance and Regulatory Interface (CoRI), is designed to improve the Securities Commission of The Bahamas' regulatory oversight and supervisory effectiveness while simultaneously improving ease of doing business for registrants and licensees.

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What is the enhanced Compliance and Regulatory Interface or CoRI

CoRI is an online portal developed to facilitate the electronic submission of application forms, regulatory filings and supporting documents to the Commission. The upgraded interface is a foundational element of the Commission’s digital transformation initiative and will improve our regulatory oversight and supervisory effectiveness, simultaneously improving ease of doing business for registrants and licensees. The enhanced CoRI will also improve service delivery and responsiveness from the Commission.

Key features of CoRI

Automated workflows: The enhanced CoRI moves well beyond being simply a portal for uploading documents to the Commission. The new interface includes features to streamline the application and filing process, immediately bringing completed submissions into the Commission’s internal review workflow processes for improved efficiency and reduced errors. Users will be able to upload documents electronically, fill out forms online, and receive status confirmations or reminders instantly.

History and live submission tracking: The enhanced CoRI provides users with a complete history of their submissions, as well as the ability to track the status of live submissions. Users will also receive notifications and reminders about their submissions via email.

Up-to-date licensee profiles: Each licensee will have a profile on the enhanced CoRI, with the most up-to-date information about their license(s). This will reduce the need for licensees to provide the same information multiple times and make it easier for the Commission to communicate with them about their filings.

Easy-to-use interface: The enhanced CoRI is designed to be more user-friendly and easier to navigate, even for those with limited technical experience. A new dashboard feature has been added to CoRi, which provides quick access to key information about the status of a user’s filings
in a single place.

User Manual

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